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Unhappy Low hormone levels. Possible pituitary gland tumor need some info..Kinda scared

Hi folks, I am a 19 yrs old male and a college student who has always felt fatigued and slow ever since I can remember. I am 5'9, 200lbs 14-16% BF. I recently went to the doctor for my fatigue. My friends have always joked around with me about how I take so many naps during the day. Finally it has started to affect my school work, and this was the main determinate of goin to the Dr.

I went and talked to the Doc. and told her about my symptoms she told me at first it could just be my work load since I'm taking more hrs than normal. She wanted to run some blood tests though, so they drew some blood, and contacted me a week later. I went in today and talked to the Doc. again and she said that I had a low thyroid so Hypo (right?) it was like .88 or something like that. The thing she said was weird though was my TSH level which was .6

Now this is what scares me she said that I need to have a MRI of my head to see if there is a tumor on my pituitary gland. I've never had surgery before, and this just freaks me out to be honest.

My questions about my TSH and Hypo throid are as follows: What is the dangers of this surgery? What does this mean about my future in the military? What meds are the best to treat this problem? Now with saying all of this she said it may not be a tumor and my pituitary gland may be messing up. Which would be worse tumor or messing up in the gland?

Now onto other things since I got that off my chest, I've been a nervous wreck today with that. Since this has affected my testosterone and Growth Hormone why am I still pretty big musculer wise(at least I like to think so lol)? I also have symptomes of hair loss (will this ever come back with getting everything regulated?).Symptomes of Late puberty which makes me have little body hair, baby face (I still look 10 minus the receding hair line lol, I mean I still get carded going to the movies and I'm in college). With this late puberty thing is there a chance I will grow taller when I get my TSH and Thyroid under control? Will I lose some weight? Are my growth plates even still open? In talking about my height I havent grown since I was 13 or 14 I was 5'9 in the 7th grade .

I prolly sound like a cry baby right now I just have a lot of things goin through my head right now and want to talk to people that are going through the same thing. I would appreciate any responses or personal stories. Thank you all very much in advance!
-IC, Ryan

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