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I've been struggling with weirdness since Jan 08, when I was hospitalized for what the doctor's thought, b/c of my scan, was a stroke. An MRI later, they knew I didn't have a stroke but couldn't tell me what caused my leg to just stop working. They just told me I had a few spots on my MRI and that they'd 'watch me'.

Fast forward, 2 years and I have been having crazy symptoms. I went to the neuro last month and they noticed that my left side is weaker than my right - but only slightly - and there was some spasticity in my left arm as well. He said he simply can't rule out MS but that he couldn't confirm it b/c my other tests from two years ago - LP, VEP - were normal.

I haven't had an MRI since 2008. They scheduled me for one next week and I am just wondering what in the world is wrong with me?! From constant burning in my legs to chronic tightening in my back and mid section to random 'electrical shocks' in my hands, I am going crazy. I know my tests are fine as far as MS goes...what else could there be that causes this stuff?

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