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Re: Low hormone levels. Possible pituitary gland tumor need some info..Kinda scared

The Doc didn't really go into much detail about everything but I was takin to get more blood drawn for testing, and I have an MRI schedueled for this wed coming up. Everythings already been approved, with the cortisol they tested that today since I just got out of bed when I got there lol. I should have the results of a lot more blood work wed. I can post some of that stuff if it would help out? On the ACTH stim test I hope she doesn't run that I don't wanna fast, I like my eating. I will post my results on wed. I really like the doctor I have up here at the University hospital, which makes things a whole lot easier for me. I trust her and it's hard to find Doctors like that now an days. Thank you for you response!

Irene! Thank you also for your response!!! I did contact my mother first person I called lol, great woman!! My mother also has thyroid problems she's the one that told me I need to get it checked out. What's goin on with ?

Hope all is well with both of you!
-IC, Ryan