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Re: Worried about deep inguinal staph abscess

Thank you for your time and expertise! Wow, let's just say I can tell I came to the right place for information....

Here's an update: I had a followup with the surgeon and he informed me the lump I see/feel is a healing ridge. It may seem feasible I suppose as the lump does follow the incision site pretty specifically. He informed me it was from the dissolution of the stitches and was due to how deep the surgical procedure was. It feels to me like a hard, good sized pencil buried beneath the scar that is not mobile when I try to move it. It is a very obvious deformity and is still slighty tender when I push on it. There is not a lot of redness but it is a little warm. It's still pretty big though. I asked him if we should drain it and he told me there was no need unless I had more swelling or redness that was conspicous other than the presence of that healing ridge. My main concerns at this point are:
1. The size of the lump on the inner crease of my hip. Although I could care less about scarring, it just looks as big as before surgery. BTW, the abscess was the size of a large marble, and the enlarged lymph node was the size of a very small grape. His told me the appearance was normal, wondering your thoughts?
2. I have just about completed my 10 day course of antibiotics. What do I do to make sure the staph is gone then, as the lump has shown no evidence of subsiding in size? I don't want to discontinue the medication and just assume I'm good to go? What's the typical procedure there?

Any suggestions are just greatly appreciated, thank you again in advance for your time!!