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Re: Seeing yourself in two places.

From what you've written about your relationship, seems that the bad qualities totally outweigh the good. Status is not a good reason to stay in a bad relationship.

I could stay with my current boyfriend, continue to deal with the bi-polar like kid tendencies, unsupportiveness to my goals, and unwilling to put himself out there and try new things, because besides that he's a good guy. I mean, he drives 100 miles to see me every weekend, although he never says, I know he cares.
Why would you want to possibly make someone who gives you no support your life partner? What does he do to show he cares? Driving 100 miles to see you isn't proof of that.

Part of our 'somewhat understanding' is we needed to tell each other when something we are doing bothers one of us. So I told him a couple times when kidding around went too far, and he again just went back to telling me I'm only offended because I'm in a bad mood.
Once again, he's totally disregarded what you talked about, and is actually blaming you for him going totally overboard. Not a good sign if you really think things were going to improve.

The fact that you're here asking for advice, and this isn't the first time, should tell you that you're not in the right relationship now. The fact that you're now considering someone else should also be telling you that it's time to move on. Not neccessarily for the new guy, but from a relationship that gives you more bad times than good.