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Re: Life after a calcaneus fracture?

I was in car accident 3/09. You still got a way to go. You need to ice it.

Are you weight bearing? If so ask your doc about compression sock. Swelling can be good for healing though. I wore compression sock for about 11 months.

I can walk on uneven surfaces ok. Its going to take time. I was active around 4-6 months. It started to get better around 10-12. I still have pain, depending on much I do. I also shattered my talus, so the subtaler joint is wrecked.

I find light wool hiking socks really help. If you get an orhtodic, bring it with you shoe shopping, you need something deep and wide.

Recently I have found tieing my boots tight helps the ankle pain, but I still wear tennis shoes, to help strength it.

You need to keep doing the PT. I did it pretty active about 10-12 months and still stretch achilles every day, and usully do various exercises 5-6 times a week. Probably should do more.

If your toes are curling down, you need to work them. Pull the back from top of toe, while pushing on joint from top. I had to do this bunch of times a day and it finally paid off.

As for long term. I dunno. I do everything I did before, but I got use pain currency at times. If you think ice hurts....