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Re: Seeing yourself in two places.

Yes, I understand what you are saying. I agree he's still disrespectful and it would be nice to hear from his mouth he cares from time to time. For the person who asked, he is not a musician, he's a performance artist such as myself.

I have another question though....

Doesn't....everyone have issues? What makes certain ones better to break up over then work through? Just seems like anyone I've dated you clearly have issues, some you work through, some compromise, and some you deal with...


I wonder how much of this is me? No but seriously, I know my current beau has issues, and they aren't something I should deal with. But on an overall scale, I feel like maybe I'm getting bored? As I said in my other post, I seem to have an 8 month curse with guys. Previous ones have been for good reason I've ended them, but I wonder if some of this currently is either me getting bored, or me knowing i'm young, recently got the copper iud (not by ANY means that I would go sleep around, I have never been that girl, and have way more self respect. I only add it because I didn't pursue so much before because I wouldn't have sex at all and I thought that would turn into a dealbreaker), and again, being a performance artist, am constantly meeting new people and whatnot. I don't know maybe that doesn't make sense. Any insight?