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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

I have posted about my bil. He is 56 and has lung cancer - removed entire left lung, part of aorta. Had radiation and chemo. Diagnosed about a year ago. A few months ago he was showing signs of brain tumor. Three brain tumors. The biggest - 5 cm - was removed. The other two were inoperable. He had whole brain radiation.

He is very weak and lost a lot of weight. He still tries to do for himself. The other day, my sister was up with him three times during night because he could not get back to bed from the bathroom. He was having a real hard time walking. She called an ambulance. He had just had an MRI the day before and was waiting for results. They did one in ER and found that he had new cancer, swelling, and fluid. Nothing more they could do. They said 2 to 4 months. Today he is supposed to go home with Hospice care in place.

He is back on steroids so he has more strength. Was able to get up and go to bathroom yesterday in hospital. He cannot stand any noise. I visited (we live in different states) and when we sat at dining room table, the noise from the chairs being pulled out made him cring. I went to the store and bought the felt circle thingys and put them on the bottom of the chair legs. No more noise!

He is very quiet. It tires him to talk. He also has emphezema. He tries to lift hand weights and take walks. Very hard time having a bm. Tried everything. Cannot sleep well either.

Good luck to you. God Bless.
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