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Hypothyroid and Celiacs disease

I have written on this board previously as I have been searching for a diagnosis of my illness thorugh Dr's appointments etc. I am in my 17th week of pregnancy and have been unwell since week 5 with nausea, some sickness a tender stomach with severe bloating and constipation. After ever meal I feel very full (more so than usual) and as though someone straps a tight belt around me making me feel extrememly uncomfortable and sometimes breathless. Dr put the nausea down to pregnancy but other symptoms he wasn't sure of, a stomach ulcer and hiatus hernia had been suggested but further investigation ruled those out.
I saw a gastoenterologist yesterday who arranged for me to have a blood test looking for celiacs disease.
I have since read that those with a thyroid disorder (I have been underactive since aged 10) are prone to celiacs and pregnancy can also trigger it.

Can anyone here offer any advice? I have to wait a ridicilous 2weeks until I get the blood test result back confirming celiacs or not. In the mean time I am trying a gluten free diet regardless as I am desperate to feel well again.

Thanks in advance for replies.

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