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Unhappy how long can trapped gas last in your system?

im not sure if that is what is wrong with me but i have been doing a lot of research and it's the only thing i can account my chest pains to. i went to the dr and he said my heart and all my vitals look good. Basically he couldnt tell me what was wrong with me and told me to take ibuprofen for the chest pains. that it would help relax me. but i also am experiencing being short of breath. i do think its probably trapped gas now though because i have been belching and passing gas a LOT since this came up. also it kinda feels better when i do but it never FULLY feels better. the only reason im iffy about it being gas is because this has been going on for an entire week! is it even possible that trapped gas can last this long? and it started happening RIGHT after i ate last week. just seems crazy this would last a whole week...

also, is it okay for me to take gas x while taking the ibuprofen

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