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Re: My so is 3 and they are telling me he may have some sort of autism please help me

My little "Bubba" is 7 years old and is the greatest gift god has blessed my family of 5 with. He is the only child of 4 that is autistic and didn't get a formal dx until 2006, when he was 4. There were plenty of signals to me, being a military medical corpsmen had concerns of autism, but my wife did not want to discuss it a just said "he's just 3 or 2". Well at his 4 year check MD check up the Doc wanted a screening done to r/o Autism Spectrum Disorder. I can care less what he has he is my closest bond to anyone ever. I don't handicap him. I talk to him noramally although at times, lots of times communication is awkward, but in a suttle way I understand him. Please do not be troubled or scared for the gift you've been given. One Autistic kid or two I know said something profound to me and that is "why do we need to adjust to the world, the world should be adjusting to 'us'". Wow, like "us" and all autistic people. I try to learn as much as I can about autism and my child is very happy and has even been trying to communicate with people which has been unusual in the past. This is a recent thing. Anyhow, please don't be concerned or scared about the diagnosis. Be fortunate that you have an opportunity of a lifetime to learn a new type of human being that is now becoming more and more promienent that ever. I hope this helps you --- God Bless you and your gifts

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