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hi, at the moment i am seeing an endo as i have thyroid disease, chemical pathology for low vitamin d and a rheumatologist with symtoms of sjogrens such as extreme tiredness, dry mouth (but only during the night) a possitive ANA and very dry eyes which are very painful and very sensative to sunlight, it was suggested by rheumatology that my doctor referr me to ophthalmology, but when i asked my doctor if a referral had been made for me he said no i think you're seeing enough people at the moment and he thought we should leave it for now!! so not sure what to do now as i have tried many drops and gels none of which seem to help, i am going on holiday soon and fear it will be ruined by of all things "THE SUN" !! as i cannot seem to get sun glasses that are dark enough to deal with the brightness this in turn causes pain and extreme dryness in my eyes. grateful for any comments.