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Mystery illness, extreme thirst, off and on for a year

I need help diagnosing a mystery illness. I will try to make this short and detailed. 1 year ago I got an itchy bug bite that turned into a small blister. I was also tired, had some body aches and extremely dehydrated. No matter how much water I would drink it could not quinch my thirst (especially after eating) Besides the thirst issue the symptoms were fairly minor I could still function, although slightly tired.

The doctor did a blood test to see if my white blood count was raised to see if there was an infection. That test came back normal, and they told me it might be minor impetego (spelling) and prescribed me a powerful anti bacterial creme.

They could not do a biopsy at the time because it had healed to a point where that could not be done. (I waited a few days before going to the doctor) So anyways, I recovered (for the most part) Still slightly tired, and dazed feeling ever since this started happening. Fast forward 2 weeks the same thing happened again, itchy bug bite (this time without a blister) They heal so fast that I have a hard time going into the doc for a biopsy.

I went into the doctor again and they checked thyroid levels, and another blood test, all was normal...I recovered

Fast forward a month, the same thing happens again, itchy bug bite, blah blah blah. I don't even go to the doctor this time mostly due to the cost. This would go off and on probably once a month I would get

these symptoms extreme dyhdration was the most bothersome symptom. I finally had the doctor do a blood glucose tolerance test (because the doctors kept telling me the fatigue was probably anxiety related, and could not figure out what the deal was with the bug bites) Well that was normal too. They even did a chest x-ray to see if lymph nodes were swollen, that was normal too.

After about 7 months EVERYTHING stopped, I was very relieved that my body had healed itself because it's VERRRy irritating when this kept coming back......So then a week ago, 4 months before my last symptom it happened again. A blister on my leg, I did not go to the doctor because well, i'm cheap and this time I really thought it was nothing, but then the extreme thirst, and minor fatigue came back 1 day after the soar on my leg appeared. Coincidence? Thats what the doctors say.

The extreme thirst will last 1 to 2 weeks BTW. I can drink 120 ounces of water in a day and still won't be fully hydrated. *** i've gone to the doctor for 7 visits, and have spent $2,000 all they say is well you probably have depression,

*** does this have to do with depression? They even prescribed me Zoloft. No one takes me seriously. Probably because the infection area is very small. And they have never heard of extreme thirst related to anything but diabetes?

Any ideas? PLEeeease

I have a feeling it's some auto-immune disorder. I should mention ever since the first sypmtom I have a dazzed feeling and hard to concentrate, I also had vision loss in my left eye after my very first episode but thats probably coincidence.

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