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Re: Mystery illness, extreme thirst, off and on for a year

How do you know that they are bug bites? are you guessing or have you actually seen the bug and if so capture one and take it to the doctor. Do you are think it might be a mosquito?... you could of contracted West Nile virus. Could be bed bugs could be fleas could be just about any kind of bug or it could be something happening from the inside of you especially if it is causing blisters like some sort of internal infection. For the itch try just some over the counter spray Benadryl. Doctors I know don't really know too much about bug bites so this is just a guessing game for them. It could be almost allergic reaction to something? You may never find out but for now just treat the symptoms and maybe someday you will figure it all out. Good is a most puzzling case for sure.