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sinusitis and fluid in ear

this is what the dr said I had.. He gave me biaxin and I had an allergic reaction to it.. He just prescribed zpak which my husband is on his way to get.. Here is my question though.. My symptoms are severe nose bridge pressure and head pressure .. full ear.. my nose sounds like rice krispies noises in it and my ear pops and cracks when I swallow or yawn.. also some ear pain.. Now I don't feel congested at all.. I mean like I can breath just fine. I have never had a sinus infection act like this.. I feel drained also... Usually when I have a sinus infection I am clogges and have yellowish type drainage in my nose.. but no runny nose or congested.. Wehn I do blow my nose there is very little that comes out and clear as a bell.. Any thoughts????? Also what could I take with the zpak for the pressure etc??? or would the antibiotic take care of all that too

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