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Question Another "diagnose me" thread :)

[This one's gonna be a little long, sorry!]

Hi Guys and Gals,
I've been reading this board's postings for a couple of days and I have to say, what a wonderful community of amazing, supportive people here. Thank God that there is such an amazing place to come to share information, voice concerns, have a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

To get to my story (I'll try to be brief as possible, as I tend to ramble a bit), I've been having some strange symptoms for the past month and I don't know what is going on. It started a month ago with me feeling like I was coming down with a flu or something, just feeling very tired and a little dizzy (which has since progressed). [Oh, btw I am a 29 yo male, no medical issues, no medications]
Then, the symptoms progressed to include:
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Muscle Weakness
  • tingling in hands and feet, occasional pins and needles
  • numbness in lips
  • dizziness/vertigo
  • problems walking straight/coordination
  • Spells of lightheadedness with slurred speech, forgetfulness, confusion, pins and needles, and feeling "drunk" (feeling out of it and giddy) [I don't do drugs and rarely drink, maybe avg 1-2 glasses of wine per month]
  • burning sensation on skin (like a sunburn), this time just behind my left knee but now there is a slight sharp pain there since this morning.
  • oh, and I did have a sore throat that comes and goes but it's not a normal sore throat, more like a spasming if that makes any sense?
I have had no cough or fever and nothing to indicate that I've had any type of infection or flu, although it's possibly just a weird viral thing.

I've had these symptoms before 2 years ago and assumed it was stress related, so I went to a naturopath and had a lot of acupuncture/herbs/etc., quit my job and took a year off to rest (thankfully I moved back 'home' so I was able to do this). This time, though, the symptoms seem worse and I am not under any stress so it seems odd. I have noticed that it happens to occur after periods of physical exertion (the first time I had started riding my bike to work and this time 'round, I've been doing a lot of garden/yard work). I went to the ER when I started having my "drunk"/dizzy/tingly spells but they just took an ECG (clear) and sent me home and told me to visit my family Dr, who had already ordered blood tests. My blood tests were all clear (blood profile, C-RP, Mono, Thyroid, Fasting Glucose) and he basically told me I had subclinical depression without really looking at me (and he tried to diagnose me with this on my first appointment before he even really listened--unfortunately, I think he's trying to fit me into a box because of family history). I have NO symptoms of depression or anxiety, no feelings of hopelessness/lack of interest/etc etc and I've always been a positive guy with a good sense of humour. People always say to me "wow, you're so happy all the time I want whatever you're on!".

Gosh, I'm rambling. Okay, so I basically went for a second opinion at the local clinic. This doctor actually took the time to LISTEN to me and did a proper neurological exam. Ordered some more tests (urine, fasting glucose, vit D, B12, Calcium, Sodium?, Potassium, BUN (father had kidney cancer), AST, etc.) and said that he expects the tests to come back negative and I'll probably have to do a CT scan of the brain. I told him I was willing to have a private MRI done if necessary. I don't think it is B12 or D3 because I give myself occasional b12 injections and take a sublingual D3 drop every day.

I'm not at all anxious about the prognosis, just wanting to feel better and know what's going on and if it's all in my head (which I doubt), then at least rule out anything 'real' and then go from there LOL.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but I'm already going on for too long. My question is, do you think this might be MS? I know you're not doctors and can't diagnose me but I'm wondering if you think my symptoms are consistent with MS or could exclude it?

Thanks in advance for sticking through this long post and for your replies.

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