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Re: Another "diagnose me" thread :)

I know you're not doctors and can't diagnose me but I'm wondering if you think my symptoms are consistent with MS or could exclude it?

Hi wittynamehere. I am happy that you concluded your post with this above statement, because you are correct. We arent doctors and cant actually dx you; however we might be able to help you. First, welcome to our board...we try to be supportive and we are happy that you found us!

But onto your more important questions. MS is a Neurological disease which does present very much like you describe, but so does Lymes Disease, several other autoimmune diseses, Lupus and even some brain its really important that you get to the bottom of this before jumping to conclusions. As you stated even B12 deficiency can seem similar, and even if you are giving yourself injections- if you arent absoutely sure of your levels, you can be hurting yourself by doing it without having them monitored. Will be curious to see how your blood work comes back.

Lymes disease is the most closely related to the symtoms you described- and the bad news is it is extremely hard to diagnose. The normal standard blood work which doctors do, notoriously show false negatives- therefore finding a LYme literate doctor (read more about this on the Lymes boards here on healthboards) is key....

You mentioned a CT scan. That wont help you. You need an MRI of the brain and Cspine in order to look for MS related problems; specifically lesions......a CT scan wont pick them up. You also mentioned a host of tests which you have had done. Not a bad place to start, because there is no definative test for MS, therefore everything else needs to be ruled out, so you are starting with a decent amount of blood work.

Im not sure where you live, but my advice would be to get yourself to a decent neurologist, a MS specialist if you can find one- and start ruling out things....a good MS specialist will not only dx, but also rule out MS- and know where to send you for more help....if you have to go the general Neurologist route, please inquire and find one who has a stable of MS patients...some Neuros only specialize in migranes, or Parkinsons Disease, or other things , but have absolutely no idea of what MS can look like as far as symtoms.

Your symptoms definately sound Neurological....I hope you feel better soon.
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