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Re: Another "diagnose me" thread :)

Hi Nikki,
thank you SO MUCH for your response, it's very helpful! I live in Canada and as you probably know, although we have great "free" healthcare, our access to tests and specialists is extremely limited. I will try and push the private MRI thing to the 2nd doc again on my next visit (depending on the blood results).
I've seen a lot about Lyme disease and am totally aware of the possibility but I don't think it's very likely as I'm generally not an "outdoor" person (LOL), although I'm trying to start a veggie garden, and I've never had any weird bites or classic "bullseye rash" but anything is possible I suppose

I just found out that we have an MS clinic downtown so if the doc thinks it could even possibly be MS, I'll ask for a referral to them or at least an MS specialist neuro. I'm not really sure how the system works here for diagnosis, the only time I've ever been to a specialist was an ENT once when my left side of my face swelled up (some type of salivary gland thing) but by the time i got to the specialist, it was 3 months later and of course had healed itself (probably just a stone). He asked me why I didn't come in earlier, and I was like well you have a 3 month wait list, duh! Doctors, sheesh!

Anywho, thanks again for your reply! Your posts here have been very informative. I'll keep you guys updated on whatever happens (I hate reading all these threads on the internet where the OP never follows up and I want to know what the outcome was, I guess I'm nosey lol).