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Re: Another "diagnose me" thread :)

hi again. I do know allot about Canada and your "free" healthcare. National Healthcare isnt all its cracked up to be when it comes to needing immediate, or specialty help, is it? Many of my online friends live in Canada, and have dealt with what you are going thru, and we have many posters here as well who Im sure can sympathize with your situation. Wait and see- they'll post!

You sound like you are on your way, knowing what to ask for...and its great that you have a MS clinic near by- thats absolutely the most important thing you should be asking for a referral for....

As for Lymes. You dont have to be an outsidey type person to contract Lymes disease- and the bullseye rash doesnt always show up. My stepson had Lymes for almost a year before they suspected that is what it was, and to this day, he swears he never pulled a tick off himself, nor have they ever found it! On that note, I live in NJ, and although we are half way between NYC and Philadelphia, we have deer ticks! I actually found one on my carpet not long it got there, Il never know. We dont have pets- but possibly it came in on our shoes or our slacks....see how easy it is to have one and never even suspect it?? My local Infectious Disease guy ID'd it as a deer tick, I wasnt entirely sure what type it was. (not exactly a tick specialist)..But you dont want to rule it out completely, however, you can most certainly start with a REALLY GOOD MS doc and go from there.

The thing you wrote about the reflex test is baffling.....with MS, your reflexes can tend to be different from day to day; however there is usually a distinct reaction to certain types of tests....dont sweat it. When you get a referral, Im sure they will attempt the reflex test again and this time, ask questions about what the reactions, or NON reactions mean!

I think you definately need a more comprehensive Neurological Evaluation- what you described isnt quite as complete as a exam as you should have had...but thats why they do referrals, right? Youll see a specialist and get the care you deserve. Dont worry about the fact that this might take months to get....with MS, almost all of us have had it for years before we ever get dx; we just didnt have the symtoms to tell us something was wrong. Once you start showing a doctor what your symtoms are, and he can start labeling it, then youll be moving towards a dx...too many doctors tend to write this stuff off as being "all in your head" without actually taking those MRIs of your head and seeing what really is going on in there!

Your sense of humor will serve you well during this endeavor. There is nothing fun about going from doc to doc, trying to get answers....start keeping a journal of every symtom, how long it lasts, if anything helped it (such as a good nights sleep, or a Tylenol, or a cold shower) remember that MS is usually heat, if you take hot showers and tend to get light headed, dizzy or "off" when you get out, thats s symtom too. Try cooling down your water temp a bit....also since youve already started your journey of blood tests...ask if you can be copied on the results. It will save you time and energy to have a file with all your previous test results in it, so that you dont have to wait until someone sends another doctor your previous test results. Keep a copy of everything you can get your hands on!

wishing you well....
RRMS- dx 05