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Re: help with dating someone with borderline

Well the problem is (at least with someone like me), the personalities change so frequently, no one could ever get it right. Some times I need to be told 100x I'm loved and cared for and need to be touched to feel loved. Other times I can't stand anyone within a 2 foot area of me. I feel closed in. There is no proper balance....Some run. Some think you hate them, some think everyone is talking about them or against them.

I give you praise for doing this, it's hard with a partner with bpd. You're in for some crazy days, just be patient and understanding. Don't treat her like she is a person with 1 personality b/c she isn't. Hold her accountable but be more accepting of her emotions. And reassure her as often as you can. Hearing it is more important than showing alot of times.

I wish you both the best!