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I can't believe this symptom Fibro

I had pain in a weird area so I checked the symptoms list and there it is vulvar and vagina pain like, but mine is a achiness on and off all day yesterday and now today. I am worried since all this came on I've been having a discharge clear no odor. I didn't see it listed. It could be just my hormones, but if it keeps up I will have to check it out. I have been achy all over in my forarms and legs it is pretty bad. Feels worse than flu. Thats what this other feels like a aching in my vulvar and vagina area. Nothing could have caused it either if u get what I am saying.

What have others use naturally for this problem that is herbs. < edited > Because I am really sick and I need help. I understand that none of what is share is intended for medical advice but only given to me because I ask for it and as to educate me.

Years ago when I suspected I had this after a brief bout I read where people use Guaifenesin lots had troubles cycling this drug?????? I never researched it further because my symptoms went away. Most of the time my symptoms just lasted a couple months. I never understood this problem completely. I know one year my shoulder started bothering me they sent me for MRI and everything no diagnose. The pain finally left on it own after many months.


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