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Re: very painful lump on vagina

have you ever had a yeast infection or bv? I am 20 as well I have had wierd lumps as well and i too have been with the same guy for so long and he also was tested and had no std's. I was worried so i went to obgyn and was dx with a yeast infection and bv.

I had no std's and the lump was swabbed and cultured as just a infected hair follicle. You need to have a paps and have the lump cultured. Has it formed a head, or does it looks as if it will drain? if so hurry to the doctor so that the fluids that come out can be swabbed and tested. Put your embarrasment aside, and take care of your health. You never know rather its genital warts, hepetic, or a cyst, infected hair follicle until you are tested. You are not even sure if your boyfriend has stepped out or not. Im sure you are find but your mind will be cleared if you go to doctor.

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