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Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok

I have similar problems. Has anybody responded to your post with any answers? I don't see any on my page, but I just joined and I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I actually attributed my hand pain to picking up a book wrong.....I don't know if my hand was shaped funny or what, but the outside of my palm popped and I've had trouble now for over 2 years! Two things I'm sure kept it aggrivated are playing piano and clarinet, but I'm still not positive of the problem.

I also have constant swelling that doesn't decrease with ice or meds. I had 2 doctors tell me to take Aleve for 10 days to reduce inflamation and nothing happened. My injury symptoms have spread from the side of my palm to the base of my fingers, my wrist, and for a while my thumb. Let me know if you hear what's going on because it sounds like we have similar injuries.