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the good and the bad...and need of advice..

hi everyone...this is an update on the ongoing recovery of my SI joint surgery last Dec. I am doing Well...which is absolutely wonderful...leg pain/little toe pain is basically gone..I overdid it a couple of times and thought I'd done me in...but I did recover.. the back does varying degrees...but I do expect it to...with all the cutting and rods and stuff put in and taken would be unnatural if it didn't hurt at times. I feel that my recovery is basically good news and should be encouraging to all who have SI joint problems and are thinking of surgery...not the usual surgery but the new kind I had in Dec.
ok so that is the good the bad...well maybe not BAD...but it is the kind of thing that you just have to question yourself and wonder what to do...and this is where I need advice---
Besides recovering from my back problems/surgery I also have had fibromyalgia for many many years....the fibro has been fairly good for the past several yrs..because I have been taking pain meds for my back...well now that I am cutting way down... I am experiencing the fibro pain is just creeping up on me...and I am really getting uncomfortable with it. ok...I do not believe that my ortho. Dr. will need to give me any more meds for my you think it would be ok to see a rhumatologist for my family Dr. just thinks fibro is a wastebasket I can't go to him about this... I do not want to appear to be drug seeking...that is the last thing I am...but I do realize how this could look. So what should I do?? Suffer in silence (don't think I can do that...fibro is pretty awful..) contact the rhumatologist or what? I really would appreciate your help...thanks to all...

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