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Re: the good and the bad...and need of advice..

Do you have tender or trigger points?... (Tenders point to Fibro, Triggers point to Myofascial Pain Syndrome)

Point is these are if you have either of these then they can be tested for even under general anesthesia and your body will react. You would have to have them marked before being anesthetized but once they know where to look your body will react if they are poked with a needle, regardless of your conscious state.

The existence of them pretty much debunks any theories of Fibro being a garbage diagnosis. Unless he can come up with another diagnosis that mirrors the symptoms of Fibro or MFPS. So if you have all the symptoms of Fibro and he can't come up with another diagnosis then what does that say of him as a physician? So now the onus is shifted to him to come up with a diagnosis or a referral to someone who can make the diagnosis correctly. Basically you are making your problem his problem. If he is adamant in the face of hard evidence, then you need to report him to the state and find a new doctor.