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Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.

If you do not have any seizures during an EEG it is hard to make notice of the abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It took more than a day after I was fully removed from my med by the doctors (IN HOSPITAL) for a seizure to occur. I think they were able to capture a total of 3. Do not adjust your medication unless told to by the doctor. It is dangerous making changes without your doctors instruction.

You may have to watch out if you have any hand held devices (MP3, phone). They can cause static with the EEG. Also if you use a laptop, keep from placing it on your lap. You cna still use them, just keep it on a table/desk. I was able to use my MP3 player because I had it within a waterproof case. No contact of the device to my body.

Removal of the glue should be pretty easy. For short term they use a simple paste over what I call "airplane glue" (used for multiple day ones) Even with the strong glue they use for inhospital, I was able to get all the glue out with ease. No need for acetate. Wash the hair a few times and brush it. Some of the glue may be stubborn and work it's way out in a day or two.


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