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Re: the good and the bad...and need of advice..

you both have offered me great thoughts....I was diagnosed in 1994 by a neurologist...he said that I probably had FMS for about 15 yrs. or more before diagnosis...was treated by a pain Dr. about 150 miles away..we have moved since then!! When we moved here...I saw a rheumy but stopped going to him when I fell & hurt my back...this is the Dr. that I want to go back and see now... I am at the point where I feel like I am so sore .... not sure if I have the trigger points yet...have had them in the past.. Every day I am feeling more and more sore...the winding up feeling...also have other symptoms returning... my shoulders/arms/knee area/sides of top of legs and lower back are hurting...(my back is hurting from the surgery anyways...but this is a different ache)
As far as my family Dr....well, we are still working on him...he is fairly young...but over the past few years he is coming first he didn't believe my back was as bad as it was...that I would become addicted to my pain meds...which I wasn't and never did become...he realizes that I had major problems now and we even have discussed his attitude about major pain meds...and he knows I am not careless with meds.. I j have mentioned the fibro. only a couple of times to him...but now that it is will be an issue we will have to deal with.
When a person has suffered with major back problems...and been becomes very close about mentioning the pain...tries to avoid the unkindly know the's all in your can't hurt that'll become addicted...etc. It is difficult to bring new subjects to the table...but I have to with just doesn't go away. I have delt with the FMS for years...on my own...but is really coming back....guess I was bless that the back pain meds. took care of it for this long...