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could it be RLS?

Have been going through many different possibilities for this (and yes I have appts w/ a neurologist for it) but was thinking about this.

Have had an increasing level of discomfort in both legs and my right arm (mostly, a tiny bit in left) where I have a slightly painful, weakish feeling that makes it feel like I have to move it. I also have tingling in my feet and hands (did get a tarsal tunnel & carpal tunnel dx) that has been around for a much longer time. Originally I thought it was related, but they rarely occur at the same time and there seems to be no pattern, so I'm beginning to think they're two unrelated conditions.

The arm and leg feeling is not really a tingling, but not really a pulling or pain either, a weird sensation, "feels" weak but really isn't, feels like it needs to move or almost as if it's going to move itself, but it doesn't. Seems to get worse once I get anxious about it (I do have GAD - diagnosed in '02 but no meds for it at the moment as it's mild). It moves from limb to limb - rarely in more than one at a time, seems WAY to inconsistent to be MS or something similar - and I have no actual loss of strength, it just "feels" weak - but I can lift just as much as any other time, and walking is fine, no balance issues, no stumbling, no loss of strength there either.

It appears with no rhyme or reason. MOST of the time, I sleep fine, but when I first lie down I often have to move my legs together for a short time, and it can take time to get comfortable. Then usually, I sleep fine, but there have been a handful of nights where it keeps me up. During the day it's very random - can be totally absent, or just pop up in one limb or another and go away just as quickly. It's pretty mild, doesn't affect my daily activity, but can get strong enough to notice and not ignore.

Other info - I'm overweight, 32 years old, male, was ADHD as a child, have VERY mild sleep apnea. Not diabetic, B12 level 407 (a little low), Thyroid OK.

Could this be RLS?

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