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Re: Ribs are Killing me.

sahm02, I'm dealing with the same kind of thing, stirred up from an abdominal injury/surgery I think. I'm awaiting mri results. The first time I got it was in 2006 after a couple of months of coughing. Have you tried axsain or capsiacin? If by some fortunate chance, the pain is intercostal neuralgia instead of costochondritis, then axsain or capsiacin might help--the pain for both is similar. Just make sure you use gloves if you use that med. I use a long wand sponge so I don't get it on my hands and so I can apply it all the way around to the upper back. This time it isn't working for me, but when it occurred after all that coughing, it did help. Axsain has 2.5 of the med; capsiacin, not nearly as much. Bali has also put out a new bra that has a wider, softer band (no wire). 92 3232 is the number on the band. I've not been able to wear a bra without tears for the last 15 weeks until I got this one.

Sorry your ribs are killing you!!!