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Prozac and Alcohol

Can anyone tell me if they know anything about the effects of prozac mixed with alcohol? My son was put on prozac and within the following 6 months, he was suicidal, self destructive, and when drinking had blackouts, and would do things so unpredictable, that is was like he was on a path of destruction with the intent to die! He has a history of back problems, from blown discs, leaking spinal fluid, then had a very serious car accident, that broke his hip and burst his spleen, he had been put on many types of pain medications and has bad addictions now. He really seem to want to die after the prozac was prescribed, but never knew what was causing the behavior problems until he was incarcerated for forgery of a prescription, after going to the ER in pain, he had taking his daily prozac and had some beer, the Doctor gave him a prescription of 4 hydrocodone 5.500 he attempted to change the amount, something he would never have done had he been in his right mind, he didn't even remember the incident until he woke up in jail. I need to know anything anyone can tell me about the effects of prozac and alcohol, or even just the effects of prozac and suicidal thoughts, as he was doing many things to cause death even prior to this event, and not remembering it.

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