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Re: Possible miscarriage?

Originally Posted by megb548 View Post
Is there any way to confirm that it was really a miscarriage?
Probably not. Blood beta tests are a bit more accurate and might show something, but today's HPTs are very sensitive. It's possible it could have been a chemical pregnancy that was already over when you tested, but those periods are usually very similar to regular periods. I would suspect that you're having adjustments to your period post pregnancy...but if the pain is really bad near your ovaries it could be a cyst. Sometimes they grow large and get twisted. Really bad back pain and bleeding can also be signs of ectopic pregnancies, but with that I'm pretty sure you'd have a positive HPT.

With the pain you're experiencing I would suggest calling your OB or nurse to make sure it's not a cyst and also rule out ectopic or some other problem.