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Re: Getting off PPI's and acid rebound

Originally Posted by rosebloom View Post
Another pretty decent day. Very light to minimal symptoms. Have been eating light with lots of salads, fruits, veggies and proteins like nuts, chicken and almond milk. Still taking 150 Zantac twice daily. I tried cutting down to 75 a week ago and that might be what sent me in the latest downward spiral so I increased the dose again to the 150 mg. If I can continue to experience days like this, I may be able to continue to manage with Zantac and lifestyle modifications and not go back to the Aciphex.

I am still not sure to what extent my symptoms are due to acid rebound and what portion is caused by the disease (GERD) itself.

Hi Rose. Haven't posted in a while. It's encouraging to see you have been having decent days but I feel for you when you have those horrible ones. If we could only know for sure that this is the rebound and this, too will pass. I wonder if the rebound takes longer than 3 months. It would be a shame to go back to Aciphex at 3 months because your symptoms are not completely gone. Do all the studies say 3 months? Or are they vague and say "several" months?

As for me, I am on Aciphex every day. However, this morning I did not take one yet. I'm thinking about trying to supplement Zantac (2x day) every 3rd day to start.

I was at my GP 2 weeks ago and asked him if it's possible to get off these PPI's. He said yes (although he didn't seem too enthusiastic about it....he's big on writing those scripts). Anyway, he said to substitute Alka Seltzer or seltzer water morning and night...but that's just another antacid. Uggh!

I'm still staying away from those common trigger foods....not a coffee or alcohol drinker, no caffeine, chocolate, tomato, etc. My carbs are low and keeping my refined sugar to a minimum, if any.

Keep up the good work.

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