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Re: Everything wrong from the top down...

I went to a few years of feeling many of the symptoms you have. I also was told I was hypochondriac. I had a bacteria called "helicobacter pilory". She lives out of your iron. So you immune system gets very weak. That is why you began to have so many weird and unrelated illness. It is treated with two very strong antibiotics and antibiotics makes you weaker. So you have to get shots of B12 and B complex. Also, your developed digestive problems would not let you assimilate the oral vitamins. So, the first thing you have to do is getting a test so you can confirm if you have the bacteria. Most doctors don't even know it. Tell them to research it on line. The test is by blowing your breath into a tub. A more accurate test will be a biopsy. If you are positive to this bacteria or any other, take the antibiotics and then make sure you take the B12 for the rest of your life!!! Once your levels are too low, you never will get it completely fine. And all the other symptoms are B12 deficiency. Research it online and you will be amazed how many things are due to B12 deficiency. B12 supports the immune system. You will get all kind of ridiculous things if you don't have B12.

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