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Re: Getting off PPI's and acid rebound

Originally Posted by LMF123 View Post
Hi Flyer,

What do you mean by you were afraid you were doing more harm than good?
I am concerned that having heartburn every day is not good for me. I am just not sure how long I should give it to "settle down". I am not taking the Zantac every day. The last two days I have just used Tums as the heartburn occurs. The heartburn seems to come after anything I eat, despite what I eat.

When is your GI appointment? I am still certain I am doing the right thing as when I look back at how many side effects I had, it is almost alarming. I just don't know what the alternative will be if the rebound doesn't settle down and I don't want to go onto PPI's.

Have a great day.
Since I didn't consult with a doctor prior I, too felt it was not good to have the heartburn every day like that. I have a GI appt in 3 weeks. I haven't seen one in about 8 years and they have since moved their practice farther away so this is a new doc for me. I'm interested to see what his stand is on getting off these blasted drugs.

Today I didn't take the Aciphex, only Zantac and had little, if any of the side effects I mentioned. I'm going to try again tomorrow and see how it goes. Taking it day by day right now.