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Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro

I had a MRI 10 years ago. I had a CT in October 2009. I do not hurt in my Thoracic area though. The pain is in my lower back like sacrum there is a joint there that apparently can become irritated out balance it can involve the hips, but the pain feels like it is also lumbar. I think the pain is legitimate not mimic pain or referred. I do have a bad gall bladder get attacks a lot none right now it's possible that could cause a problem in the Thoracic area causing referred pain in lower back and hips. Funny thing is most pain occurs mostly at night during my time I am laying on stomach with hip flex toward abdomen. Yesterday my ovaries throbbed literally I though maybe ovulation it's around the time also I could have some large ovarian cyst I get them all the time and use to hurt in hips with them so mom said. I am not going to a doctor until I can figure out which one is the best. I don't have money and if I do my credit out of whack again it's over. So back doctor, GI, GYN, Rheum? The ER visit in October cost me $5,000.

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