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Re: I can't believe this symptom Fibro

Yeah, Dee, I have no doubt the pain is completely legitimate--that was what I was trying to affirm. I just messed up conveying that. The chart showed how much severe pain those spinal regions can cause--and it confirmed what I have experienced, which is similar to what you described--that you can go through a year's worth of doctor visits and tests and wild goose chases and money and still have no relief because no one is realizing (without an MRI) that there is something going on in the spine or with a muscle--there are spine problems that can cause bowel problems and vagina pain and I just wondered if that had been ruled out for you, especially given your history. When I was looking at the chart, I remembered your question.

I had horrific pelvic pain (and the vagina/vulvar stuff) and ended up getting my gall bladder and an ovary removed within 10 days of each other in 2008 trying to get rid of the pain, but still the pelvic pain would not let up. Like you said, my leg being elevated or held in the fetal position made it worse. I finally went to a trigger point massage specialist and asked her if she could do anything with it. She went straight for the psoas muscle, which is very deep into your body and stretched it and then applied pressure there until I thought I'd pass out. A couple days later I felt the first relief in over a year. She confirmed that those positions would make it worse because it holds the muscle in a contracted position and the muscle is already having the problem of having contracted but not released (a very common thing with FM/myofascial patients--can't remember if she blamed it on FM or myofascial). She said the muscle was in a knot--she could feel it. Prior to that the gyno put her hand on my right ovary and it hurt so horrendously, we were sure the cyst (that was really too small to warrant an ovary being removed) was the cause of all the pain and surgery was quickly scheduled. That surgery was for absolutely nothing. I was definitely saying the pain is completely legit--but maybe due to the spine having real problems that can cause that kind of pain. That specialist taught me to hold my foot and pull it back towards my back to help with the psoas muscle contracting but not releasing.

That's why I asked about the MRI. I just got results back from mine and it said I had problems from T5-T8, which I hope explains my current pain. In the process of researching what the results meant, I remembered your question.

Take care!