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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

Hi there--sorry to hear that you are in pain too...What other conservative treatments have you tried? I have had tmd for a very long time, with muscular pain, joint pain, etc...and recently started treatment from a neuromuscular dentist who practices Functional Jaw Orthodontics as well. I am in an orthodic, 24/7, that was designed from a neuromuscular standpoint, taking into consideration the muscles, and jaw function...It has brought my pain levels down by 50%. There are other avenues of treatment you can try, aside from the invasive procedure you are scheduled to have. Also, I would be very cautious having someone perform this if they haven't done it a ton of times. IMO, please get a second opinion from a tmjd specialist who practices NM dentistry, and Functional Jaw Orthodontics. Mainly, these dentists do non-invasive treatment for tmd pain, whether you've had it for 4 weeks, to can help. Good luck.....J.