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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

I'm really surprised you haven't had more conservative treatments, especially an orthotic (splint typically worn for severe cases 24 hrs a day). Most insurance companies won't approve surgery without this. I would ask your doctor why he/she hasn't tried this and I would get a second opinion. Try an ICCMO doctor or if insurance doesn't work with them try another oral surgeon who specializes in TMJD. I am scheduled for open joint surgery but it wasn't until we tried many, many other conservative treatments first. This includes but is not limited to physcial therapy, medicinal treatment, chiropractic, several different types of splints, massage therapy, etc.

If you do end up needing arthroscopic surgery, know that these have proven to be very successful for many people. It is the most conservative form of surgery and it can work, but you should try all conservative forms of treatment prior to surgery. Surgery only works if there is true structural damage to the joints. Best of luck to you and please don't hesitate to come forward with more questions.