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Re: Possible miscarriage?

Originally Posted by megb548 View Post
OK, so I've got a 9 month old and am still almost exclusively breasfeeding. I got my first period after having her on February 27. My husband and I are TTC, and I thought I might be pregnant, but had a negative home pregnancy test on April 3. I started bleeding while I was waiting for the test results.

Before having my daughter, I had a somewhat long cycle- usually between 30 and 40 days. My periods before her were heavy, but the bleeding usually slacked off on the 3rd or 4th day. I never had any clotting.

This is now the 6th day of bleeding. I've had a LOT of clotting, and it seems like the flow has not only not slacked off, but might be getting heavier. It's still bright red. I think I just passed some tissue- greyish pink- along with the very dark red clots.

I have been having some stabby, intermittent crampy pain on my right side just inside my hip bone, similar to pain I had with a cyst I had while pregnant with my daughter. The pain seems to get worse when I'm nursing. I've also been having really bad lower back pain and cramps.

Because this is only my second period (if it's not a miscarriage) postpartum, I'm not sure if it's just a weird period or if it's a miscarriage. I know it's normal for your first period after having a baby to be really weird, but is it normal for the first few to be strange? If it is a miscarriage, I would've been just shy of 3 weeks along when I started bleeding.

Has anybody experienced anything like this? Does this sound like normal periods after having a baby? Am I crazy for thinking it might be a miscarriage after a neg prenancy test? I just have a really bad feeling that something might be wrong here... If I am having a miscarriage this early, and my home preg test was negative, is there any way to confirm that it was really a miscarriage?