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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

Yoga G.,
What a Neuromuscular dentist who practices Functional Jaw orthopedics, and orthodontics can do for you is this....They will do a thorough exam of the muscles in your head, neck, jaw area. They will take the appropriate x-rays, and do NM testing like EMG, CMS, K-7 unit testing, and use a tens unit which relaxes the muscles, (uses prior, and during the testing..) and then make an orthodic for you if need be. What a neuromuscular orthodic does is bring your condyle bones out from the joint a bit, in a down and forward position, to relieve pressure on nerves, and put them in a more favorable position. IT can eliminate muscular constriction around the joint, and in the neck and face....(probably what is causing you to have such a restricted opening right now...along with possible disk problems...)..It is a hard, acrylic , bumpy orthodic that fits over the bottom teeth, worn 24/7, even while eating. Over time, this can eliminate muscular pain, dizziness, and many other symptoms. I have been in a new orthodic since Dec. 30th of 09, and my pain levels went from a 10 and off the around a 5 within months....I hope that helps! .....Also, an orthodic alone will not get you 100% well. You will need to find a good OMT.....Orthopedic Manipulative Therapist, for physical therapy, and probably a massotherapist to alleviate muscular tension in the upper back, neck areas.. Take care, J.