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Re: Getting off PPI's and acid rebound

Originally Posted by darkchoc4 View Post
On Constipation:

Just be aware that some of the OTC meds used to neutralize stomach acid are "binding", and some are "loosening" agents. Tums is calcium based and therefore is a binding agent and if you take a few of those every day, you likely will get constipated. Mylanta is magnesium based and too much can give you mild diarrhea. (Note Calcium and Iron both tend to be binding.)

For those who get constipated, try Mylanta a bit more, or at least avoid Tums. Rumor has it Gaviscon has both Calcium and Magnesium, and may be more balanced. Obviously it's a personal thing, but IMO being a tad loose is way better than being constipated!
This is great information about H2 you happen to know about Zantac is is more 'binding' or 'loosening' or is it more balanced ?
Thanks for the info !