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Post nissen fundo need some advice and assurance

I have ben suffering from LPR and acid reflux for the past 3 years, and finally decided to have the nissen fundoplication surgery. did a lot of research and ensured that I was operated on by one of the top surgeons 5 days ago. I was told that the op went well and I had the 360 wrap. I had quite a bit of pain the second day and whenever I tried to swallow the shoulders really hurt. I have been on soft diet, liquid and pureed, like scrambled egg, etc and have been fine, ofcourse have to drink and eat slowly but all together feels much better than expected, but I am scared.
I have a funny burning feeling in the throat which makes me think that the reflux is not gone. I feel like the food wants to come up, but it can't feeling dry and burning in the throat, feels like reflux is back!!!maybe?!!!
I have been crying for the past hour, since I was extremely hopefull that this would work for me. I am not sure whether since I am so scared whether I am being too sensitive and it is nothing and I am just feeling the sensation because I have had it for the past 3 years of my life, or is it for real and it is acid making it's way up. I feel like I need to go and have some gaviscon, but don't want to do that. My follow up appointment is in 2 weeks time, and I am really scared.
Any ideas or similar experieces? should I try the gaviscon and see whether it gets better? I keep feeling like I need to drink water.
I am off PPIs , I was on 40mg of nexium twice daily. Just wondering if anyone else who has has nissen ever felt like this?

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