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Re: Getting off PPI's and acid rebound

Originally Posted by marigoldgirl81 View Post
Well, i was never one of the lucky ones ppi's helped, so my esophagus has been burning every day for like 9 or 10 months now... i have no choice but to get off these as they are what is killing me i think..BUT i am seeing a naturopathic dr now and he said he has treated about 400 of my cases. My husbands cousin is also a naturopathic dr in another state and conferred (sp?) with this dr.'s opinion independently. Basically, they said they are seeing alot of people whom for various reasons get on ppi's, but then develop worse symptoms or side effects, etc. Ppi's encourage gastroparesis since you have such a lack of stomach acid, which is happening to me, when there isn't a proper ph balance in my stomach, the duoedoum (sp?) won't open correctly allowing fermenting gases up the esopahgus through the LES. There is much more to it. Also, my constant throat/skin infections DEFINITELY are related to ppi's. I knew it, they have been improving (knock on wood) since cutting down to 20 mg prilosec a day. For someone whom has had esophagitis everyday for so many months, coming off ppi's has been, torturous to say the least....but i now have lost 30 lbs!! during my ppi therapy since last July...NOT good, under 110 now. So, i have no choice, wish i wouldn't have let my dr tell me the ppis would never cause all of this...too trusting i live and learn.

So, i am on a incredibly strict diet by his nutritionist and everything has to be pureed. I had no grain, dairy or meat for 1 1/2 weeks, now allowed brown rice here and there. My ND said he doesn't know how all of these GI dr's get away with prescribing these and never doing anything about what is actually out of balance, they just mask the symptoms. We have no money and this is NOT cheap, but i am so sick that i have decided to try this dr out. He has explained what is going on in my GI system so much better than 2 GI's and one internist. Boy, are we a bandaid nation or oh my, what a price to pay.

I would love to read more on what your naturopath is telling you and the reasons behind the treatment he or she is prescribing. The idea of eating pureed food when the stomach is irritated makes good sense to me. It gives your gut a chance to rest.

My acid rebound coming off Aciphex was horrible and I think it has lasted nearly three months. I feel like I am just now beginning to have more "normal" days on the Zantac. The first month off PPI's, not only did I have horrible attacks of heartburn, but I also had bloating, pain and many other symptoms I had never suffered from before. Anything I ate gave me heartburn. I think even pureed food would have given me heartburn. I immediately cut out the main offenders such as coffee, alcohol, etc. but even then I would have days of constant heartburn and throat irritation.

I had to do some digging to come up with literature on rebound and finally found some journal article somewhere that stated it could last three or more months. I am glad I read that or I would have run back to the PPI after two weeks of misery.

What makes me really angry is that I was on an H2 blocker and not doing badly three years ago when I went to the GI doctor to see why I could not get rid of the heartburn and find out whether something else was wrong. The PPI's were pushed on me as "far superior" and guaranteed to make me feel better. Nobody told me about side effects and I failed to do my research back then.

I am very health conscious. I don't smoke or drink alcohol in excess. I am not overweight at 125 lbs. I exercise. I still ended with this darn GERD and now have osteopenia to boot due to PPI use for only three years!

I may have to do some research on naturopathic medicine to see if I can find books to read and see what their philosophy is in this area. I feel modern traditional medicine has failed me on this GERD/PPI deal.