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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

Thanks so much Laura,
I really appreciate your input.
I am going to talk to him some more and see if we can do some less invasive stuff-although I have put down a deposit-because I am thinking I could do some mobilization technique that he wanted to do as well.
Have you heard of that? I wonder if he could get impressions for splints if he gets my mouth open enough- or ho long that would take?
I need more opening so I can do my job in 2weeks! I really can't imagine that at this point and I am so freaked because my speech is impaired- it DOES seem to be getting worse each day I am having a hard time eating enough etc.This sucks!
I just wonder if my jaw is still functioning I don't want it to be permanently damaged- or is it already I wonder- what a mess!
Thanks so much for your thoughtful replies- J will check in tomorrow.
I need to figure SOMETHING out now!
Peaceful thoughts to you