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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

Yoga G.---How long have you had the minimal opening? Was it something that came on sudden? or was it progressive? Did you research to find a neuromuscular dentist who practices functional jaw orthodontics yet? Please try and consult with one of these docs before entering into surgery. There are things less invasive that they can do without the risks of surgery. Since i can't post where to find these guys anymore, you will have to research under Neuromuscular dentistry, and Functional Jaw Orthodontics. If the closed lock was something that happened rather recently, you may be able to gag yourself to recapture the discs...I've done this many times myself, and it worked. The position the gag puts the mandible in will sometimes move the disc back into place. I know it sounds strange..but it's non-invasive. It needs to be a hard gag though. (I know it sounds gross... ) Good luck with everything...J.
Also, do not limit yourself in the area that you live---for finding a good specialist. I travel 2 hours to see mine, and I've also traveled 11 hours for a consult before. It's worth the time and money. Surgery is always left as an absolute last option, and usually it's with patients with trauma cases....

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