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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

Thanks for the reply!
The minimal opening has been with me for several months! Dec? and it has been getting progressively worse and now it is so minimal I can barely speak
I have been unable to work for the past month and half and now my leave is coming to an end- I am desperate for relief and wonder how I could even get into a splint- one of my DDs/TMJ univ specialists doesn't even think I need a splint- I am SOOO confused!Time is of the essence- but I don't want to do anything else stupid that will make it worse! I am soo scared.Mine was not caused by trauma such as accident, but by opening mouth too wide I guess on several; occasions during sinus condition. Is it too late for me? This TMJ specialst also wants to try jaw mobilization while I am sedated. Have you heard of that?
The way my jaw is feeling soo not wanting to move at all- I am thinking I need to do something quick!
I hope you read this today and respond.
Thanks for your input!

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