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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

HI---I am actually traveling up to see my tmj specialist on Mon. for my appt., so I will ask him how he would go about starting treatment on someone like yourself, with a very minimal opening. I am familiar with the joint mobilization under sedation, and to be honest with you, that is risky as well. Think about it...someone is going to manipulate the delicate workings of your tmj, not really knowing if they are causing further damage to the ligaments, discs, etc. I have heard of some tmj specialists injecting lidocaine (sp) into the joint, to cause pressure and possibly shift the disc back into it's place...and then giving the patient a soft splint until the joint has time to rest, and until the neuromuscular testing can be completed....but I would have to ask him about how he would handle your case right off the bat, to get a better idea. Did you try the gag reflex trick yet? If it has been dislocated since may still be able to recapture the discs...time is of the essence though. I will get back to you on what my dentist says on mon. afternoon. Take care, J.

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