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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

Hi Jill,
I tried to search for some nueromuscular DDS's yesterday and left a message with one- many are not open on Fri
My opening has been so minimal for awhile and it did happen gradually- I am wondering if the gag will work- or anything? Do you think my jaw will still function? I need to do something NOW and it's so frustrating because there aren't any clear answers it seems. The other bad thing is that I already put a deposit down fro WED
It adds another level of difficulty that I live on an island and travel to other places is challenging.
This is making me crazy!
I am not going to be able to go back to my job if I don't get some resolution in the next few weeks and then I will lose my health insurance which leaves me with a mouth that is not functioning- I guess they convinced me that the surgery would get me open and I would be able to get on with a normal life. What if they sedated me and got me open to get impressions? Would my mouth stay opened?
I know they are going to be upset if I cancel and then they may not treat me and they are considered one of the top tmj places here-
I regret so many decisions I have made about this and don't want to regret more- also- I will not be able to pay my bills if I can't work- and I don't think my insurance will be there either-then what?
I am in a tight place and now it seems like the surgery is
not the way to go- does it really only work for trauma or structural damage?
How could they tell me that this will work for me and is the best option and then everything I read here warns me against it? It sounds so promising when they talk to me about it- aside from the fact that this piece of equipment is new Although I have read that some cases of a locked jaw get better with arthocentrisis- I am just scared because so much time has gone by and I WILL be doomed if much more goes by -
Help- need further guidance
thanks and take care