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Re: Arthroscopy procedure PLEASE HELP!

Hi again,
I know this seems like an impossible situation. Also, I fully understand that you need to get back to work, and that money is an issue...This past family claimed
20K on my medical deductions from my tmj specialist, other doctors, and my last dentist's attempt to help me, that failed miserably.(He was not NM or a FJO) It took me 4 mo. of straight research to find the new tmj specialist to help me. I know exactly how desperate and frustrated you are. If you do call NM dentists, make sure that when you are calling and interviewing them that you ask if they practice Functional Jaw Orthodontics. If they don't, I would move on. IMO, it's better to find a dentist that can do both phase 1, and phase 2 treatments. I can't really comment on your surgeon or dentist wanting to do this procedure, and the outcome you would have. If you were my daughter, I would not go this route. I would consult with a tmj specialist like I was saying.
Look on the top of the tmj page at the great tmj doctors thread....maybe there is a NM dentist in your area on it.....? hang in there...J.