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Unhappy Re: help! i have rsd! and then some...

thank you so much, both of you! knowing that there are people out there that are in similar shoes to what i am makes me feel better. Because i recently changed pain managment doctors i have not fully discussed my options yet. he has put me on percocet 15mg with out the acetominophen in it, as well as 400mg of lyrica daily and lidocine patches.. i have to say that with all i take thru out the day my pain might go down to a 9.5 from a 10 if i am lucky... i dont really know what to do with myself anymore. i am watching my mother, aunt and fiance raise my daughter because i am not able to do something as easy as a diaper change.. it puts me in a very low place.. dont get me wrong i still spend all my time with my little girl and my stepson but its the tasks that made me feel important that i can not do any more due to this disease. Changing diapers, making lunch, painting, sitting on the floor playing puzzles, helping with home work. I have no use of my left hand without the burning pain andthe electiric shock feeling that spread from my finger tips to my elbow, and sitiing standing, laying or walking for more than 5 min, or being in the same spot for more than 1o min almost kills me.. i know that i might not live pain free, but just to get the pain to a 6 or7 would be amazing!!!!

My doctor suggested that i look into the SCS. Frankly it terrifies me! but living on mass loads of medications dosent seem great either.. im intrested in the spinal pump.. id like to know more information about it if you could help me? what type of meds are in it? how much pain relief do you get?

Really anything would help me at this point!! lol i sound so desperate. well i am lol. i just feel defeated. i want to fight so bad but it dosent seem as though anything is working for me.

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